JAMMS Media Server Configuration

Location of the configuration file

By default the configuration file of the JAMMS Media Server is located in the user home directory in a subdirectory named .jamms . The name of the configuration file is mediaserver.conf

The user can override the Java property ch.jamms.mediaserver.config to specify the location of the JAMMS Media Server configuration file

Configuration Properties

Property Name Default Description
ch.jamms.mediaserver.deviceconfig.name JAMMS Media Server The friendly name of the UPnP device.
ch.jamms.mediaserver.deviceconfig.uuid randomly created UUID The UUID of the UPnP device.

Music in user home The directories containing the media files
ch.jamms.mediaserver.deviceconfig.host localhost The host where the Media Server is listening
ch.jamms.mediaserver.deviceconfig.port 55555 The TCP port where the Media Server is listening
ch.jamms.mediaserver.deviceconfig.synchronizeperiod 30000 The period where the Media Server synchronizes his media directories (searching for new media files)
JAMMS Storage Subsystem
ch.jamms.storage.storageconfig.implementationclasscame ch.jamms.storage.jdbc.JDBCStorage The class implementing the storage subsystem used by the Media Server.
ch.jamms.storage.jdbc.jdbcconfig.driverclass The jdbc driver class used by the jdbc based storage subsystem implementation.
ch.jamms.storage.jdbc.jdbcconfig.connectionurl The jdbc connection used by the jdbc based storage subsystem implementation.