In this chapter the installation of JAMMS is described.


This section describes the installation of JAMMS on a Linux system. All step have been tested on a Ubuntu Server version 10.10.

First the jamms distribution has to be downloaded from SourceForge.

Next the distribution is unpacked in the /opt directory.

cd /opt
sudo tar xvzf jamms-0.0.2.tar.gz
sudo ln -s jamms-0.0.2 jamms

After this a new user and a new group named jamms will be created. All files will have the new user as owner

sudo groupadd jamms
sudo useradd -m -g jamms jamms
sudo chown -R jamms:jamms jamms-0.0.2

Now the script for starting the jamms-media-server is linked into the /etc/init.d directory. And register the jamms-media-server in the service configuration.

cd /etc/init.d/
sudo ln -s /opt/jamms/bin/jamms-media-server
sudo update-rc.d jamms-media-server defaults

Edit the file /opt/jamms/bin/jamms-media-server and change the line containing RUN_AS_USER to.


Edit the file /opt/jamms/conf/mediaserver.conf and change the configuration to your needs. Informations about the configuration can be found here. Special attention is to give to the binding host and the directories containing the media files.

With the command:

sudo service jamms-media-server start

we can now start the media server.

If you are using a 64-Bit system you have to delete the 32-Bit libraries.

cd /opt/jamms/
sudo rm lib/ 
sudo rm bin/wrapper-linux-x86-32